Vibration-Damping-Electric-Panel-Mounts-for-simulation-machinesOur vibration damping electrical panel mounts are vibration isolators that provide ideal mounting solution for electrical panels which are prone to vibrations from outside.

Electrical panels and electric enclosures are mounted on engines which produce high vibration. The metal plates at top and bottom of the mounts provide ample mounting support. The inbuilt fail safe protection in our electric panel mounts is useful for wall mounting electrical cabinets for mobile and stationary applications with disturbing frequencies. Our electric panel mounts can be easily mounted in shear or compression and are suitable for damping vibrations in panels weighing from 40 Kilograms to 5,000 Kilograms.

Rubber vibration dampening mounts

Vibration damping applications for electric panel mounts include electrical panels, electric enclosures and electric boxes. Electric panel mounts also protect wall-mounted cabinets from vibrations and shocks generated by nearby engines, workshop machinery, etc. The electric panel mounts are also suitable to isolate light wall-mounted machines, fans, refrigerating units, etc.

Our electric panel mounts insulate the structure-borne noise generated and damp the vibrations of the underlying generator and machine frame. We are one of the leading supplier of vibration damping electrical panel mounts in India. These mounts are used not only for electrical panels, but also for other machines such as generators, oil pumps, emergency power units and stationary diesel engines. We provide full line of electrical panel mounts for UPS panels, batteries panels, PLC panels and any other sensitive electrical installation.

Our fail-safe electric panel mounts provide high vibration isolation. The electric panel mounts construction also provides electrical insulation for the panels. These electric panel mounts are covered with metal body on the top and bottom to prevent any oil and other shop floor chemical and water from entering and damaging the electric panel mounts. The compact design of the electric panel mounts provide easy fitting below the electrical enclosure / panel / cabinet. The thick metallics base flange of the vibration damping mounts ensures a long fatigue life. The metallics parts on the top and bottom of these electric panel mounts are corrosion protected to cope with hostile environments in land and marine applications.



  • The Electric Panel mounts control vibrations in all 3 dimensions – Vertical vibrations, Horizontal vibrations and Rotational vibrations. 
  • The electrical panel mounts have rubber elastomer in compression design, along with the metal cup effectively blocks noise and eliminates sound-board amplification effects.
  • The electrical panel mounts are designed to damp vibration in 360 Degrees horizontal plane. 
  • The metallics at top and bottom of the electric panel for convenient mounting of the generator and provide protection to rubber underneath for longer vibration mounts life.
  • Dome shaped metal cover protects rubber elastomer against oil contamination in these Electrical Panel mounts.
  • Fail-safe and rugged interlocking of metal and rubber elastomer make the mount flexible vertically and stable horizontally.
  • Fail-Safe also ensures that there is no risk to the machinery even if accidentally excessive load is placed on our mounts. It locks the top metallic plate with the elastomer ensuring that the top plate resists rotational torque forces produced by the machinery.
  • The metal components are corrosion protected to cope with hostile environments in land and marine applications.
  • The Electrical Panel mounts safe quards the surrounding installed machines from shocks & impacts of installed machineries.
  • These Electrical Panel mounts are very easy to install – The centre thead can easily mount the electric panel and the side flange holes can be used for grouting the panels effectively.