Metallic mounts models

ModeloA (mm)B (mm)C1 (mm)C2 (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)G (Thread)Load  Kgs/Pc.
EGA-60a65337791916110M1030 - 75
EGA-60b65337791916110M1080 - 120
EGA-60c65337791916110M10100 - 140
EGA-85a8537105.51161015135M12100 - 200
EGA-85b8537105.51161015135M12160 - 350
EGA-85c8537105.51161015135M12240 - 450
EGA-90a9036105.51161015135M12100 - 200
EGA-90b9036105.51161015135M12160 - 350
EGA-90c9036105.51161015135M12240 - 450
EGA-105a111421351491421175M16200 - 360
EGA-105b111421351491421175M16300 - 500
EGA-105c111421351491421175M16420 - 700
EGA-120a121451561641421186M20250 - 400
EGA-120b121451561641421186M20400 - 700
EGA-120c121451561641421186M20500 - 900
EGA-150a15153176.51881420218M16600 - 900
EGA-150b15153176.51881420218M16900 - 1300
EGA-150c15153176.51881420218M161200 - 2000

Hardness a-40/45Sh, b-60/65Sh, c-70/75Sh

  • The EGA series mounts control vibrations in all 3 dimensions – Vertical vibrations, Horizontal vibrations and Rotational vibrations.
  • The rubber elastomer in compression design, along with the metal cup effectively blocks noise and eliminates sound-board amplification effects.
  • The EGA Series mounts have metallics at top and bottom for convenient mounting of the generator and provide protection to rubber underneath for longer vibration mounts life.
  • Dome shaped metal cover protects rubber elastomer against oil contamination.
  • Fail-safe and rugged interlocking of metal and rubber elastomer make the mount flexible vertically and stable horizontally.
  • Fail-Safe also ensures that there is no risk to the machinery even if accidentally excessive load is placed on our mounts. It locks the top metallic plate with the elastomer ensuring that the top plate resists rotational torque forces produced by the machinery.
  • The metal components are corrosion protected to cope with hostile environments in land and marine applications.
  • It safe quards the surrounding installed machines from shocks & impacts of installed machineries.

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