Cylindrical Silent Blocks Vibration Dumpers

Basically these silent block buffers are vibration dampers used to dampen internal vibrations of the machine (motors, pumps, hydraulic units, etc.) or to allow the vibration of parts of a machine and that this vibration is not transmitted or least possible transmitted to the outside (screens, vibrating,…). All silent block damping models are used in compression and shear.

Ebrubber offers a wide range of shock absorbers and rubber metal caps for use in general industry. The standard hardness is 55° Shore A and formats vary from cylindrical or conical pellets, not to mention progressive caps.

We are also producing standard vibration dampers and silent blocks in stainless steel which are widely used in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Vibration Mounts Silentbloc

Vibration Mounts Cylindrical Silent Blocks

TH Series SilentBloc (Vibration Mount)

TH Series Silent Block (Vibration Mount)

The silent block vibration dampers are ready to use for workshop machineries having motors and moving equipment and require some kind of buffers

These rubber metal mounts will provide a natural frequency range of 5-7 Hz thus providing very good damping of the machine vibrations. The anti vibration mounts use rubber in shear and compression.


Silent block applications

These are they main silent block applications:

  • Diesel gen-sets
  • Compressors
  • Motor Pumps
  • Fans

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