These anti-vibration machine mounts and supports are useful for all kinds of machines and have several advantages over anchoring into the ground

The anti-vibration machine mounts make possible rapid placement and movement of the machine. Machine Mounts provide vibration damping as the shock absorbers as well as leveling adjustment and traction on floor. The leveling is different depending on the media chosen.The machine mounts and anti vibration supports are used extensilvely on milling machines, lathes, machining centers, presses, plastic injection machines, shears, punching machines, printers, paper, etc.

The vibration isolating machine mounts are made of rubber hardness 65-70° Shore. The machine mounts are designed with a non-slip suction base. Available in many different models and load capacities.

Machine_Mounts - serie alta

Machine_Mounts – high

Machine_Mounts - serie baja

Machine_Mounts – low


Our anti vibration machine mounts are ready to use for workshop machineries, there is no need of foundation, foundation bolt, grouting, anchoring, etc. The machine mounts provide very fast solution for installation of any Workshop Machineries.

Height adjustment & precise levelling features are provided with these machine mounts. These anti vibration machine mounts provide excellent mobility of machinery layout in workshop.They insulate high frequency vibration, sound & prevent walking of machineries due to the large area of contact with the floor & keeps the machineries in position firmly due to traction. It safe quards the surrounding installed machines from shocks & impacts of installed machineries.

Machine mounts applications

Anti Vibration Pad controlling generator vibrations

Anti-Vibration Pad controlling generator vibrations

The machine mounts are used in all places where there is requirement for safe machine installation without floor anchorage.

It is beneficial on working performance, working condition in the adjacent premises, such as offices and laboratories.

Ebrubber machine mounts have several applications as:

  • Punching machines
  • Presses
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Shaping machines
  • Grinding machines
  • Lathe and CNC turning centres
  • Precision machine
  • Weighing scales