Ebruber manufacture vibration isolators applicable to almost all kinds of machines.

Many different products with advantages over ground anchorage:

  • Quick placement and possible mobility of the machine
  • Vibration damping and shock
  • Leveling and adhesion to the ground.

For the choice of the model and size of the support should be guided by the recommendations of each series, so that the resulting load per bracket approaching the maximum resistance shown in the tables. Thus the more effective vibration damping is achieved.

Basically, rubber dampers are used either to reduce internal vibrations of the machine (motors, pumps, power units, etc..) or to permit vibration machine parts, but avoiding to be transmitted to the outside (screens, vibrating, etc.). In these cases the choice of model will be determined by:

  • The load element
  • The type of subject (male, female, mixed)
  • The excitation frequency and deflection