Anti Vibration Mounts and Rubber Pads

E&B Rubber Metal Products Pvt. Ltd. is leading manufacturer of anti vibration mounts & rubber metal bonded products in India

E&B RUBBER metal products  is a joint venture between DYNEMECH SYSTEMS (INDIA)  and TALLERES EGAÑA,S.L ( Spain ). The company started his operations in 2010 and now has a well-established manufacturing unit in Haryana, (Delhi).

LOGO - ISO E&B anti vibration mounts and rubber metal bonded products

The Egaña product range of anti vibration mounts and rubber metal bonded products is now being developed in India and the European standards of quality are being followed while manufacturing these mounts in India.

E&B Rubber replicates in India all the processes and products with the same quality. Also, these mounts are commercially suitable for the Indian market. After catering to the local Indian market, we are now supplying to major OEMs in India for their requirement of Anti-Vibration Pads.

E&B Rubber Metal Products Pvt. Ltd. manufacturing facility in Haryana has the most advanced machines so all the production processes of Talleres Egaña could be employed here in India. Quality is not compromised during any stage of production. The anti-vibration products produced in the Indian unit are also being exported to Europe under Egaña’s brand name.

The anti-vibration mounts are suitable for all kind of machinery

The major end users are genset manufacturers, diesel engine manufacturers, compressors, wind turbines, mountings for control panels, Rubber Metal Motor Mounts, etc.

ISO 9001 Certified Company

We are proud to announce the achievement of ISO 9001:2008 with TÜV/SUD the 2016/04/07 ISO certificate E&B Rubber Metal Products